Hypothesis-Water pollutants include petroleum products, pesticides and herbicides, heavy metals, hazardous wastes, excess organic matter etc Prediction-Water pollution occurs when pollutants are discharged directly or indirectly into water bodies without adequate treatment to remove harmful compounds. Ozone, particulate matter, carbon monoxide, nitrogen oxides, sulfur dioxide and lead are some examples of air pollutants.

Conclusion-We all need clean water. People need it to grow crops and to operate factories, and for drinking and recreation. Fish and wildlife depend on it to survive. Many different pollutants can harm our rivers, streams, lakes and oceans. The three most common are soil, nutrients and bacteria. Rain washes soil into streams and rivers. The soil can kill tiny animals and fish eggs. It can clog the gills of fish and block light so plants die. Nutrients, often from fertilizers, cause problems in lakes, ponds and reservoirs. Nitrogen and phosphorus make algae grow and can turn water green. Bacteria, often from sewage spills, can pollute fresh or salt water.

From protecting and maintaining drinking water sources and public water systems, to protecting the ecological and biological integrity of the nation's wetlands and water ways, sustaining the nation's water resources is vital to maintaining human health our environment and our economy.
       Experiment-Our waterways, rivers, creeks and lakes are an important environmental resource and keeping them clean and healthy is a vital task, especially when they lead to our bays and oceans.

Ang bibliograpiya ay listahan ng mga ginamit na sangguniang aklat, pahayagan, magasin at iba pa na inaayos nang paalpabeto. Matatagpuan dito ang pangalan ng awtor na nauuna ang apelyido, pamagat ng aklat/magasin, artikulo, pangalan ng magasin/pahayagan, lugar ng pinaglimbagan, taon ng pagkalimbag at pahina. kung magasin o pahayagan, makikita rin ang volume (tomo) at petsa. ang bibliograpi ay bahagi ng libro, magasin, at kung anu pa na may layuning mailahad ang pinanggalingan ng mga nakalimbag sa libro

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